Yovina Mooroogiah-Jones Original Art Work
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Grapes and Pomegranates

Everything shines and glistens in the light, the bloom on the plump grapes which hang in bunches across the table ledge, the succulent flesh of the opened pomegranates, and the variety of flowers in the vase.

Thanks goes to Elliette Gobin, Team leader of The Stewarts,Harpenden Memorial Hospital, who has given the opportunity to do that painting. Thanks also to all her staff for their contribution.

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Jessry Yovina Mooroogiah

Yovina Mooroogiah-Jones is a talented Artist from Watford. Yovina originally came from Mauritius from the Mooroogiah family and settled here in 2007.

Yovina's Artwork

Yovina's artwork can be viewed throughout the site. You can purchase Yovina's work online using paypal. All payments should be made to Yovina.co.uk or Jessry Mooroogiah.

Original Canvas Art

Yovina only works with original art but can base her work on photographs etc. If you would like to speak to Yovina Mooroogiah directly about custom work, please drop an email and she would happily talk about your requirements.

Yovina Originality

Please note as Yovina's work is original, only one piece is available at any given time. In the unlikely event that two purchases are made at the same time for Yovina's work, the second buyer will be refunded promptly.